Appendix C: Student Use of Social Media, Policy IIBEB-1

Policy IIBEB-1

The Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) and its students are committed to using technology in a safe, consistent, responsible and effective manner for learning, communications and productivity.

ACPS recognizes and supports the use of approved online social media to enhance instruction and research, support the learning environment and improve communication. ACPS also strives to teach its students about the responsible and safe use of these technologies. ACPS students may use these tools and other communication technologies in fulfilling their responsibility for communicating appropriately and effectively with other students, staff members and the community.

For purposes of this policy, online social media is defined to include web logs (blogs), wikis, social media networks, online forums, virtual worlds and any other social media generally available to the public or consumers.

Educational and Appropriate Use of Social Media

Online social media, outside of those pre-approved by the division, may not be used for educational or school-sponsored activities without the prior approval of a supervising staff member or sponsor. Furthermore, if approval is granted, the supervising staff member or sponsor must be provided with administrative access to the accounts.

ACPS recognizes the value and benefits of open sharing, diversity of opinion, and civil discourse. Therefore a student should remember to be respectful, responsible, accountable and careful when using social media.

Conduct that is prohibited in a face-to-face educational environment is also prohibited through electronic communication such as bullying, using unacceptable language or sharing inappropriate images. Online communication between students, staff members and volunteers must be clear and appropriate in content and tone.

Personal Use of Social Media

All ACPS students are advised to serve as responsible representatives for our schools and the school division and to remember they are role models to other students in this community. Students should avoid posting any information or engaging in communications that violate local, state or federal laws or division policies or are otherwise disruptive to the educational environment of the school.

Failure to Comply with This Policy

Failure to comply with this policy and its regulations may result in loss of computer system privileges, disciplinary action and/or appropriate legal action.

The superintendent shall develop regulations to support this policy.