Appendix N: Religion in Schools, Policy INDC

Policy INCD

ACPS shall be neutral in matters of religion. This means that ACPS: 

  • Assumes no role or responsibility for the religious training of any student; and 
  • Does not become involved in the religious belief, disbelief, or doubt of any student. 

This neutrality does not preclude or hinder ACPS in fulfilling its responsibility to educate students to be tolerant and respectful of religious diversity. ACPS also recognizes that one of its educational responsibilities is to advance the students' knowledge and appreciation of the role that religion has played in the social, cultural, and historical development of civilization. 

Therefore, ACPS approaches religion from an objective, curriculum-related perspective, encouraging all students and staff members to be aware of the diversity of beliefs and respectful of each other's religious and/or non- religious views. 

In that spirit of respect, students and staff members may be excused from participating in activities that are contrary to their religious beliefs.