Expectations for Students, Parents/Guardians and Staff

The vision for ACPS is that every student will have an equitable opportunity to succeed. In order for every student to succeed, we must all work together to maintain a safe and orderly environment. We will nurture a supportive environment in each school by clearly identifying and explicitly teaching behavioral skills and providing students with multiple opportunities to practice the appropriate behaviors within our schools and community.


Students have the right to expect an educational environment in which they can strive to achieve full intellectual potential. 

Each student will:

  • Attend school each day and be on time with materials ready to learn.
  • Review information learned the previous day in class and ask questions when she/he doesn’t understand.
  • Work together with school staff to maximize student learning opportunities.
  • Be kind, respectful and cooperative to prevent problems and solve problems in a peaceful and collaborative way when they occur.
  • Help classmates and friends stay out of trouble by asking for help from adults.
  • Tell a trusted adult at school or at home any information concerning threats or disruptions involving the safety of students, staff or the school environment. 

When using ACPS Transportation:

  • Students will communicate clearly.
  • Students will follow all safety procedures and guidelines by:
    • Being at their bus stop prior to pick up time
    • Getting on and off the bus in an orderly fashion
    • Crossing in front of the bus
    • Finding their seat quickly and remaining seated at all times
    • Keeping their body parts and all objects to ourselves and inside the bus
    • Being respectful to adults, students and themselves by following all directions and using appropriate language at all times.

Parents and Guardians

Parents/guardians are our most important partners in helping to support our students in choosing to display the appropriate behaviors in the school and in the home setting. 

Parents can help support students and schools by:

  • Reviewing with students the expected behaviors that support a positive school environment.
  • Maintaining regular communication with school staff and administration.
  • Holding expectations that students will attend school each day on time and be ready to learn with their school materials.
  • Consulting with school staff when concerns arise that affect students in the school.
  • Reporting to a school staff member any information concerning threats or disruptions involving the safety of students, staff or the school environment.

Teachers and Staff Members

Teachers and staff members are responsible for building strong learning communities within their classrooms. Teachers and staff can support positive school behaviors. 

Each teacher/staff member should:

  • Develop and promote a positive school climate that is conducive to learning. 
  • Establish, publish, teach and consistently reinforce expectations for classroom behavior. 
  • Focus on desired behaviors as opposed to directing attention to unwanted behaviors.
  • Intervene to prevent and correct misbehavior in a positive manner. 
  • Consult with the school counselor or other Student Support Team (SST) members when repeated misbehavior occurs.
  • Refer a student to the school administrator for support and intervention when the situation warrants such action. 


Administrators have the responsibility and authority to teach and reinforce the school rules and this Student Code of Conduct. They should exercise reasonable judgment and consider the circumstances in determining the disciplinary action to be administered. 

The school administrative team shall:

  • Create an environment where positive behaviors are expected, taught and modeled.
  • Support school staff to foster and maintain a positive school climate. 
  • Provide clear expectations to staff, students and families
  • Notify the parents/guardians of any student who violates a School Board policy when the violation could result in the student’s suspension, whether or not the school administration has imposed any disciplinary action. 
  • Notify the parent/guardian of any student involved in an incident required to be reported to the Superintendent and the Virginia Board of Education.

ACPS Transportation will partner with families and schools to ensure a conducive transportation system through:

  1. Communication
  2. Safety
  3. Respect

Communication: We will communicate clear instructions for adhering to expectations for safety.  

Safety: We will follow all safety procedures and guidelines.

Respect: We will be respectful to adults, students and ourselves by using exhibiting professionalism in our communication and actions.