Long-Term Removal

The purpose of long-term removal as a disciplinary measure is to ensure that schools are safe and conducive to learning for all students and to give school personnel and parent/guardians the opportunity to determine what is appropriate for the student. Long-term removals constitute a change of placement when there are more than 10 consecutive school days or cumulative school days which constitute a pattern. A change in placement requires relevant members of the IEP team to meet and conduct a Manifestation Determination Review (MDR).

The IEP team must determine appropriate services during the long- term removal. Should the school-based administration refer the student to the ACPS Department of Student Services and Equity administrator, and the removal constitutes a change of placement (more than 10 days), the Manifestation Determination Review must be conducted as soon as possible so as to inform the designee of the results. The results of the manifestation when available shall be provided to the ACPS Department of Student Services and Equity administrator prior to the scheduled meeting.

Additional information can be found in Appendix J.