Reporting Bullying

ACPS investigates all reports of bullying. Students or parents/guardians of students who have been bullied or witnessed bullying should immediately report such incidents to the school principal or assistant principal. When an incident occurs, the following steps are taken to address the matter:

  1. A report is generated that outlines the incident and the parties involved.
  2. A thorough investigation is conducted by the designated site administrator.
  3. Parents of both the victim and perpetrator are notified of the incident.
  4. Disciplinary action, if necessary, is taken and enforced by the site administrator.
  5. All students involved to include the aggressor, the victim, and bystanders will be assessed to determine if counseling or other positive behavioral interventions are needed.

Online reporting

Instances of bullying can be reported to ACPS via the Tip Line in the ACPS Mobile App. Tips can be anonymous, however, providing as much information as possible will assist ACPS in investigating the instance of bullying. 

Alexandria Safe Place is the city's 24-hour hotline to report bullying or crisis events. To access immediate help and support for young people (age 5-18), call 703-746-5400. Visit the City of Alexandria's website at for more information. 

Please refer to the following web page for additional resources on bullying and how to be an ally:

See Policy GBA/JFHA –  Sexual Harassment/Harassment Based On Race, National Origin, Disability, Religion, Age, Gender, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Sexual Orientation/Hostile Work Environment.