Responsible Use of Technology Agreement for Secondary Students 2023-2024

Students in Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) are issued school-owned devices to promote resource sharing, innovation, and communication in teaching and learning.  Computer access and access to the internet, digital communication, collaboration tools, and online learning spaces are critical to the learning environment. 

Failure to adhere to Division policies, procedures, and guidelines for the use of Division resources may result in disciplinary action at the school’s discretion. In addition to the Division student code of conduct, any network misuse or illegal activities may result in contact with the students parent/guardian, or if a violation of law has occurred, contact with law enforcement.

I will: 

  • Follow all Division and classroom policies, procedures and guidelines when using technology.
  • Use all Division technology resources to create files and projects for school related work, research, and college and career planning.
  • Keep my username and password private.
  • Treat others with respect and use appropriate language in all of my digital interactions with others.
  • Immediately tell an ACPS staff member if I receive a digital comment or communication that makes me feel uncomfortable, or if I accidentally access inappropriate materials, pictures, videos, or websites. 

I will not:

  • Use Division technology resources to find, create, or send information to spread misinformation; or harass, harm, bully, or discriminate against others.
  • Use technology to gain unauthorized or inappropriate access to Division technology resources. (Example: Accessing another user’s accounts)
  • Use, retrieve, store, or send inappropriate language, pictures, or other digital content.
  • Access inappropriate or blocked resources using personal wifi accounts or by any other manner while on school property during school hours.
  • Violate copyright laws (copy text and/or reuse images without permission).
  • Use other students’ usernames and passwords and/or log into another student’s accounts.
  • Trespass and/or manipulate others’ work, school, or personal accounts or files. 
  • Take my device outside of the United States of America without explicit permission from ACPS Technology Services.

I understand: 

  • Use of Division technology resources, including networks, computers, or mobile devices, and the internet is a privilege, which may be denied, revoked, or restricted at any time for misuse or abusive conduct.
  • The Division reserves all rights to control its technology resources and may monitor or restrict a student’s technology resources. The Division may search any computer, mobile, device, or electronic storage device that is assigned to a student or used on any Division computer or network; and retrieve, alter, and delete any data created, received, or maintained by an user using Division technology resources. 
  • Use of the Division technology resources is at my own risk; the system is provided on an “as available” basis; and the Division is not responsible for any loss, damage, or unavailability of data stored on the system regardless of the cause.
  • Online learning spaces, communication, and collaboration tools should be treated as a classroom space, and language and behavior that is not appropriate in the physical classroom is not appropriate in online spaces, no matter what time of day those spaces are accessed. 
  • Assignments in online learning spaces are the same as any other assignment in school, and students are expected to follow all policies and procedures in the Student Code of Conduct Handbook, including all policies related to cheating, plagiarism, and responsible use of technology.
  • The school Division is not responsible for any personal electronic devices brought on to school property.
  • I may be subject to disciplinary action for using technology in violation of Division policies, procedures, guidelines, or the Student Code of Conduct. 

By signing below, I agree to follow Alexandria City Public Schools Responsible Use of Technology Agreement for Secondary Students. I understand my use of Division technology resources is a privilege and requires appropriate online behavior.

Student Name:

Student Google Username:

Student Signature:


Parent/Guardian Notice and Permission


The Division provides students with access to various technology resources, including a wide range of educational resources through the internet. The Division uses content filtering technology in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) on all school computers with Internet access to protect against unacceptable web content. However, because no web filtering is 100% safe, the Division makes every effort to monitor online activity.

Home Access and Monitoring

While the Division provides parents/guardians a tool to monitor their students' internet use on their school-issued device, outside of school, parents/guardians bear responsibility for providing guidance on internet use, just as they do with other information sources such as television, radio, movies, and other media. Parents/guardians are responsible for monitoring their child’s use of the internet and access to Division technology resources, including online learning spaces, collaboration tools, and educational resources. 

Device Damage/Replacement

Students are responsible for the care and use of their school-issued devices. Damage and/or loss of devices will result in consequences that could include the below fees. Fees may be paid on a payment plan or through alternative consequences, based on need, at the school’s discretion. 


Accidental Damage

Intentional Damage*




Up to $200

Up to $200



Up to $100

Up to $100





*Damage fee determined by repair technician based on required replacement parts/device replacement.

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have reviewed the responsible use agreement.

Parent/Guardian Name:

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